Saturday, 16 May 2009

Made a card last night for my dad,its his birthday next Friday and he loves his gardening...funny really cause when we were kids he hated doing the garden I remember as I got around15-16 years old I used to mow the front lawn cause I hated it being overgrown!!!Yet now he is retired and they moved into a bungalow around 10 years back he has taken pride in his "new" garden and now grows his own veggies at the bottom of it and strawberries and tomatoes in his greenhouse(yummy).....I love their garden in the summer it looks so pretty :o) Anyway made the card from the QVC large cards pack and just added DAD in the Happy Birthday sign,there are some lovely cards in this pack.

Next job is to make my daughters teachers some "Thank you" cards,she leaves 6th Form on Friday and is off to Uni in September and there are some special teachers who she wants to thank for all their help and support during her high-school years,think it will be an emotional time for her because a couple of the teachers she is very close to,they have helped to develop her skills and contributed to the young woman she is baby is all grown up *sob*!!!!

Well thanks for looking and hope to be back tomorrow with another card! Hugs Andrea xxxx